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Most Popular Sprinkler Tools

Sprinkler System Calculator Tool
Stop & Waste diagram

Sprinkler System Planner is a tool designed to assist a sprinkler system installer with calculations, and a list of the likely parts and quantities.

Precip-Mate iOS App
sprinkler head nozzles

Sprinkler repair, install and maintenance help at your fingertips. Please help support this project and this site by purchasing this app from the App Store.

Sprinkler Zone Calculator
sprinkler head nozzles

Sprinkler Zone Calculator is a tool designed to help the installer determine how many heads to install with each zone.

Friction Loss Calculator
Stop & Waste diagram

Friction loss is traditionally used to size laterals. It is best not to exceed 5% friction loss in laterals.

Measure GPM Tool
Measure GPM Tool

This tool calculates the flow of water from a hose bib. This give the installer an idea of the available GPM for installing a sprinkler system.

Sprinkler Audit Tool
sprinkler audit tool

This page is designed around calculations I use to perform an irrigation audit.

Sprinkler Main Line Velocity Calculator
sprinkler velocity calculator tool

Calculate the flow of water through PVC pipe in feet per second.

Sprinkler Water Budgeting Tool
sprinkler water budgeting tool

Calculate how much it will cost to water your yard for a year.

How to Install Sprinkler Systems

Spriklers Explained
sprinkler head nozzles

Sprinkler system installation style explained. Everything you need to know to install a sprinkler system.

Swing Joints
sprinkler swing joint parts

How to install sprinkler heads with swing joints.

Backflow Preventers
Reduced pressure backflow prevention device

Why Do I Need A Backflow Protection Device?

Sprinklers Valve Wiring
sprinkler valve wiring example

Valve wiring can be simple, but it can also cause problems if not done properly.

Sprinklers System Zone Layout
sprinkler zone layout example

Sprinkler head layout is perhaps the most important part of your personal installation.

Sprinkler System Install Gallery
Trenching with trench machine

Photo gallery of sprinkler installation images.

Sprinkler Maintenance & Timer

Checking or Testing Sprinkler Heads
Broken sprinkler popup head gushing water

Some of the common things you should be looking for, broken heads, heads out of adjustment, leaks and areas that are not getting water.

Setting Your Sprinkler Timer
sprinkler system timer

This page explains how to set or program your sprinkler timer.

Sprinkler Timer Removal
sprinkler timer removal

Do you need to know how to remove an old sprinker timer?

Sprinkler Timer Installation
sprinkler timer replacement

Are you installing a sprinkler timer or simply curious how its done?

Sprinkler System Seasonal Start-Up
sprinkler system Start-Up

Is it time to start up/turn on your sprinkler system for the season?

Understanding Your Sprinkler Timer
sprinkler water budgeting tool

Simplified explanation of the operation of your sprinkler timer.

Winterizing Your Sprinkler System
trees covered in ice

Simple examples of how to shut down and drain your sprinkler system for the winter.

Sprinkler System Repairs

Adding Sprinker Heads
exposed and cut sprinkler line for adding a head

Example of how to add sprinker heads to an existing zone.

Gluing or Welding PVC Pipe
Gluing PVC Pipe

Learn how to glue/weld PVC sprinkler pipe.

Sprinkler Lateral Repair with Elbow
Gluing broken sprinkler lateral

Basic sprinkler PVC line repair, including an elbow and sprinkler head.

Sprinkler Lateral or Main Repair
broken sprinkler lateral spraying water

Basic Sprinkler PVC Lateral or Main Line Repair

Replacing Sprinkler Pop-Up Head Nozzles
plugged sprinkler head nozzle

How to replace pop-up sprinkler head nozzles.

Installing or Replacing Sprinkler Valves
sprinkler valve assembly

Step by step replacement of sprinkler valves and manifold.

Replacing Sprinkler Guts
sprinkler head with guts being removed

Easy example of how to replace sprinkler head guts.

Replacing Sprinkler Heads
replacing sprinkler head that was broken

Easy example of how to replace sprinkler heads.

Drip Installation and Repairs

1/2" Drip Line Repair with Male Adapter
cutting drip tubing to finish a drip line repair

Example of how to repair a broken drip line.

1/2" Drip Line Repair
drip supply line, water gushing out where it was cut

Example of how to fix a cut drip supply line.

Adding Driplines with Drip Manifold
Adding drip manifold to an existing sprinkler system

Example of how you can add drip lines to an existing sprinkler system.

Adding 1/2 Inch Drip Supply lines
bubbler attached to a drip supply line

Example of how you can add or install 1/2" drip supply lines.

Micro Spray Emitters
micro spray emitter spraying water

Using or adding micro spray emitters.

Using Drip and Bubbler Emitters
drip emitter in a pot with plants

Examples or ideas of how you may want to use drip and bubbler emitters.

Using Puncture Connecters
pressing drip line puncture connecter into drip supply line

Example of how to use sprikler drip puncture connecters.