Drip Line Repair with Male Adapter

water leaking out of a half inch drip line

This is a male adapter attached rigidly to existing PVC, I do not recommend installing using this style. I will often make repairs to match the original installation.

broken drip half inch male adapter

This was broken when someone stepped on it, even though it was buried.

extracting broken male adapter fitting

Extract the broken fitting, if this is not possible, you may have to replace the PVC fitting. If this is the case, you will need to make this a lateral repair before continuing (covered in the lateral break section).

avoid getting mud or debris in the threads

After extracting the existing fitting, avoid getting mud or debris in the threads or fitting.

Thread the new male adapter into the existing threads

Thread the new male adapter into the existing fitting. To make the new male adapter work, I had to use a threaded reducer bushing, because the fitting I needed was not available.

Snugly tighten the male adapter

Snugly tighten the fitting/s. Teflon is optional, but recommended if the fitting is above the surface and visible.

cutting half inch tubing with PVC cutters

Cut off the broken remnants and remove from the drip tubing.

Pushing drip tubing onto a male adapter

Push the drip tubing onto the male adapter.

Drip tubing attached with male adapter to PVC pipe

The tubing should be pushed all the way to the bottom of the new fittings' collar. These fittings do not require any clamps since the drip line pressure should be lower than 40 PSI.