Sprinkler PVC Pipe Repair with Elbow

Picture of a broken Sprinkler PVC Pipe with Elbow

This was a sprinkler that was installed incorrectly. When it broke, it could only be fixed by making a lateral PVC pipe repair. This was because the installer hard piped / glued the fitting for the sprinkler head. I always suggest using swing joints, so things like this don't happen.

Picture of a broken Sprinkler PVC Pipe with Elbow after it it uncovered

Start by exposing the lateral.

cutting out the Sprinkler PVC Pipe

Cut out the broken section of PVC pipe, if the break is too close to the elbow for a coupling repair, you will need to remove the elbow.

Sprinkler PVC Pipe and elbow cut out

This example will cover the removal of the sprinkler PVC pipe with Elbow elbow. A coupling repair would be a standard lateral repair, but you would have the added advantage of having more flexibility in the lateral line when assembling the repair.

using the old PVC pipe as a guide to making cuts

If possible, use the removed section to give you a guide for cutting your replacement PVC piping.

assembling PVC pipe fittings

Start building the repair toward the elbow. Use couplings or a tee with threads for attaching a swing joint to supply a sprinkler.

gluing together PVC fittings

Assembly Example

gluing together PVC fittings

Assembly Example

gluing PVC elbow

Gluing PVC elbow example

Hold PVC pipe and elbow together until glue sets firm

When gluing the PVC elbow, you will need to prep both sides at the same time. Bend the longest lateral back far enough to allow you to push the elbow on, then force the elbow onto the short side. Once the elbow is in its final assembled position, hold it in place long enough for the glue to set firmly.

testing the repair.  Running the valve to look for leaks.

If you are installing / replacing a sprinkler, assemble the swing joint and backfill. Test the repair after the appropriate drying time.