Sprinkler Drip Supply Line Repair

water leaking out of a half inch drip line

This is a sprinkler drip supply line that was broken by the blade of a tiller hitting it.

broken drip supply line, sliced length ways about 3 inches long

As you can see, the tiller sliced cleanly through the line. The drip line will not function properly without a repair being made.

Cutting out a damages section of drip line with pvc cutters

Cut the damaged area out form the existing line. This is a small repair, but you can replace entire sections in the same manner.

removed piece of drip line that was leaking

This is simply a close-up view of the broken line.

A repair piece of drip line with barbed couplings

Using 2 barbed half inch couplings and a new piece of line, insert the barbed couplings into each end.

inserting a repair piece into the broken drip line

Press the pieces together, you may have to work the pipe and fitting side to side while pushing it together.

Pushing drip line together

Press the fittings in until the pipe meets the collar on the fitting.

Drip line repaired with barbed couplings

Test the fitting to make sure it holds and that there are no leaks. These fittings do not require clamps since the pressure in the drip line should be below 40 PSI.