Replacing Sprinkler Nozzles

Replacing damaged or plugged nozzles, image of a plugged nozzle

Replacing damaged or plugged sprinkler nozzles or installing a sprinkler nozzle on a new pop-up head.

Pulling the pop-up sprinkler head shaft up out of its resting place and holding it in place

Start by pulling the pop-up sprinker head shaft up out of its resting place, a small screwdriver can be helpful at this point to pry the sprinkler nozzle out of its resting place. It is spring loaded, so you will have to hold on to it for the entire process.

holding the sprinkler head shaft by putting pressure on the bottom

I am holding the sprinker nozzle up by putting pressure on the bottom of the shaft with my fingers.

Unscrewing and removing the sprinkler nozzle or flush cap

Unscrew and remove the nozzle or flush cap (new heads, it is a cap that comes with the new sprinkler head that allows you to flush debris out before installing a nozzle). Remove the basket / Screen as well, you may need to use a small screwdriver to help coax the basket out.

Holding the proper sprinkler nozzle for replacement in the palm of my hand.

Select the proper sprinkler nozzle for replacement. Nozzles are rated by number. The number is related to how far the sprinkler nozzle throws water. Example, a 15 nozzle will throw water 12-15 feet, so it can cover an area up to 30 feet wide. There are charts available to help you select the nozzle for the brand you are using. Simply search the Internet for your sprinkler model.

Sprinkler pop-up head, inserting the nozzle basket or prefilter

Simply insert the nozzle basket of prefilter

Sprinkler pop-up head screwing on the sprinkler nozzle

Then screw on the sprinkler nozzle.

adjusting sprinkler nozzle

If the sprinkler nozzle is on an edge of a zone (like along a sidewalk) and needs to be adjusted so that the water sprays the correct direction, simply grasp the sprinkler head shaft and twist in the direction it needs to be adjusted to. You may hear a clicking sound while you turn the shaft, this is normal.

Adjusting variable arc sprinkler nozzle

If you are using a variable arc sprinkler nozzle you can adjust the arc by twisting the ring on the collar or top of the sprinkler nozzle. This will be different depending on the brand nozzle you are using.

Test the sprinlker zone to make sure it is adjusted properly.

Test the sprinkler zone to make sure the new sprinker nozzle is adjusted properly.