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How long do I run my sprinklers? Watering Today can give you the answers.
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Run Time Estimator

How to Use This Tool

The Run Time Estimator is used to help determine how long to run your sprinklers. This is the method I use, it is only based on temperature, so it is a rough estimate. Simply input the information for how often you want to run your sprinklers, the average high and low temperature, and whether the zone is high, Moderate or low water usage plants/grass.

How Often / Days Watering

Todays High Temperature, Fahrenheit

Todays Low Temperature, Fahrenheit

Type of Plant?

Pop-Up sprinkler running
Spray Run Time
Spray / Pop-Up
Rotor sprinkler running
Part Circle Rotors
Part Circle Rotors
Rotator sprinkler running
MP Rotator / Full Circle Rotors
MP Rotator / Full Circle Rotors
Drip Emitters

Please remember that this is a formula that I use to get estimated run times. It may not work well in your area. I have provided it, because it has worked well when setting up sprinkler timers for the first time. I check the property regularly after the first programming and make changes as needed. I would encourage you to do the same. Remember that you are using this tool at your own risk.

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