A Bit About Me and How This Site Got Started

As the creator of Sprinkler System Calculator, I want to thank you for visiting our site. Hopefully you found Sprinklersystemcalculator.com to be helpful. I have dedicated over 25 years of my life to the study, installation and repair of sprinkler systems of all types and sizes. Frustrated with the lack of solid understandable information on the installation of residential sprinkler systems, I began putting together content and formulas that have been helpful in my career. My goal was to provide all the basic information, so anyone could utilize this site, as well as make it functional for the professional sprinkler installers. I hope I have succeeded. As its founder, I am a bit blinded by the aspects of making this site functional, thus I am sure there is much need for improvement. Please share your experience with me, so I can improve this site for everyone. Please understand that I may not be able to respond to everyone, as this site is a free service and my time is limited.

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