Precip-Mate Sprinkler Planner

Sprinkler system installation and repairs made easy.

Precip-Mate Sprinkler System Planner is intended to be an all in one sprinkler system app. It provides the user with helpful pictures, explanations and digital tools to make sprinkler work easier.

Please help support us by purchasing our app. Precip-Mate Sprinkler Planner has all of the tools available on the website and much more! Including a Find GPM tool, information on repairs, maintenance and an install gallery.

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Sprinkler System Repairs and Maintenance! Do It Yourself Examples!

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Avoid Costly Mistakes!

For a fraction of the cost for a single repair you can have lifetime full access to all the information you need to install, repair and maintain your own sprinkler system.

This app has been a dream of mine for many years. My goal to fill it with everything a person might need to install, repair or maintain their own sprinkler system. There is much more to come in future updates, especially in the repairs and maintenance sections. I have 25 years of experience in the sprinkler industry, everything from home installation to maintaining and repairing some of the largest irrigated sites in the state I live in. Please help support my dream by purchasing this app, the revenue from this app will help promote its growth. Thank you!

Precip-Mate Sprinkler System Planner is an app that is designed to help save time and money on a turf grass (residential yard) sprinkler system installation repairs and maintenance. The planner/calculator provides a likely list of parts and system parameters that are generated by selections made as well as installation examples and tools to help avoid costly mistakes.

Also included is a page devoted to sprinkler audits that can estimate the annual water cost of irrigating a property.